relativity-1.jpgCurriculum DesignNot enough time in the school day to cover all the Key Learning Areas? How do you maximise teaching time and ensure deep thinking and application?
What will you do when the National Curriculum is launched? The most efficient way to cater for this is to develop a pedagogical framework.

Integrated Curriculum FrameworkIn this framework the majority of outcomes are 'linked' or 'integrated' across many of the KLAs. A scope and sequence of 'big ideas' and 'generic skills' for each Learning Stage are identified and adhered to. The K-6 Linkages Projectfound on the BOS website can provide more information as well as the following resources from St Joseph's Belmore.
Understanding by Design
Implementing 'real time real life' learning experiences and assessment strategies highlights the value of Understanding by Design, a curriculum design framework known as Backward Design. They advocate to begin with the end (the desired results) and then identify the evidence necessary to determine that the results have been achieved (assessments).
Want to find out more? Would like to see resources from some schools in the Inner West Region of Sydney? Follow this link.

IdeasIDEAS ( Innovative Designs for Enhancing Achievements in Schools) is about bringing pedagogy into your school context. It's about quality teaching and learning that captures the essence of your school, animating the teaching & learning process. To find out more, follow this link: