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This wiki has been established as a forum for like-minded educators seeking to enhance their capacity to improve student learning. Innovations and Resources that lead to improved student learning can be shared on this wiki.crack21.jpg
With the pedagogical 'playing field' constantly shifting, it is vital for educators to take control of their professional learning, or else you could end up stuck in a 'fault line'!

Methodologies that were acceptable ten years ago are already obsolete, particularly with the emergence of today's 'digital natives'.

Inquiry Learning, Curriculum Design, Digital Pedagogy and Wellbeing are a few critical areas currently being investigated by Catholic Schools in the Inner West Region of Sydney. If you would like to explore what some schools are doing in these areas or contribute your experience and learning, then follow the links below.

  • Curriculum Design: Don't be dictated to by an overcrowded curriculum developed out of 20th century thinking. When the National Curriculum comes, make it fit into your pedagogical framework. Do you have one? Take control of what and how learning happens in your school.
  • Digital Pedagogy: Are you starting to believe that technology is becoming 'the new medium' for communicating student learning? If so, maybe you need to reconceptualise digital learning. It should not be like putting a new peg into an old hole. A digital learning environment needs to advance the quality of learning, otherwise we should just stick to palm cards and projects on rolled-up cardboard.
  • Inquiry Learning: 'Digital Natives' are multi-sensory learners. Are we wasting valuable learning time trying to force digital natives to sit still and listen to teacher talk for lengthy periods of time? In a digital environment learners receive feedback every 7 seconds via stunning High Definition imagery, crystal clear digital sound and music, all within a problem-solving strategy. These children then come into our classrooms! How can we better engage this Digital Native?
  • Wellbeing: When asked, 'what do you most want for your children?', Australian parents respond with 'happiness, confidence, contentment, balance, health, satisfaction... and the like. In short, well-being.' When asked, 'what do schools teach?', they respond with 'achievement, thinking skills, success, conformity, literacy, numeracy, discipline... and the like. In short, accomplishment.' Martin Seligman (Education Today, 8 August 2008) questions why there's no overlap between the two.

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